Our company

Terrazzo And Concrete Technologies

A company specializing in the manufacture of cement tiles, both contemporary and traditional. It is well known in the Architectural and Construction circles of Pakistan, with a long list of satisfied clients.

Now entering its 4th Generation in ownership and management, backed by a proud history of...

Product Quality.

Business Ethics.

Social Responsibility.

Cultural Values.

Our Mission

To offer need based flooring solutions
to the industrials,
institutionals and residential sectors.
of satisfied clients.


Cement based floor and wall tiles.
Precast building add-on

Row Materials

White and Grey Cement
Marble/Stone Powder
Marble/Stone Chips

Proud to be associated with...

The Industrial Sector.

The Educational Sector.

The Health Sector.

The Pharmaceutical Sector.

The Construction Industry.

Our Patron Architects.