Pattern Tiles and Borders:

Floral Pattern Tiles or Encaustic Tiles were often a feature of ecclesiastical through medieval times and continue to adorn many buildings and homes of the old town. These culturally rich patterns shall forever stimulate the artistic eye.

Designs from the 19th and 20th centuries are still manufactured for those who wish to recreate heritage decor. The patterns are ‘inlaid’ in the tile, individually, rather than being ‘copied’ on the surface. The manufacturing process relies totally on skilled craftsmen, who have practiced the art over decades. The ‘hand-made’ effects of these tiles carry an aesthetic appeal for lovers of art and culture.

You can choose from our range of over 40 floral and geometrical designs, reflecting the rich Victorian and Eastern heritage. Choose a design in an existing color combination or customize your own combination from our pallet and experience the satisfaction of ‘creating’ your own piece of art. After all….it’s your home!!!